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Kendrick Perkins Says Ben Simmons Is “The Pretty Girl Who Smokes Cigarettes”

Kendrick Perkins has compared Ben Simmons to that pretty girl who smokes and everybody wondering why she is still single. According to Kendrick, Ben is “The Pretty Girl Who Smokes Cigarettes”.

Here is what Kendrick Perkins had to say about Ben Simmons;

Ben Simmons is that pretty girl that is single, and everybody is wondering why she’s single, it’s because she smokes cigarettes. That’s who Ben Simmons is: That pretty girl that smokes cigarettes.

According to Side Action;

The Brooklyn Nets were swept out of the playoffs by the Boston Celtics last night ending their season. We didn’t see Ben Simmons take the court once, he missed the entire season. Simmons is getting slammed more than ever by every NBA host/analyst out there. Stephen A. Smith was going so hard at Simmons Jamie Foxx even had to step in.

But no one had a quote like ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins.

Of course, Ben Simmons is going to get crushed all offseason long. After what he’s pulled this year, It wouldn’t shock me if he never played again.

I will be honest that isn’t a bad take. It is pretty funny, so I have to give credit to Big Perk.

Simmons said he is dealing with a mental block.

Simmons, in theory, could have risen Monday morning and determined his back felt good enough to play. There had been various people close to him encouraging him to retake the floor, even under limited minutes, to establish a deeper connection with teammates ahead of next season, sources said. By all accounts his ailing back is not 100 percent healthy, but few NBA players at this stage of the playoffs are free from some form of nagging pain. Members of his representation and other close contacts even advised Simmons to at least sit on Brooklyn’s bench in his uniform and team warm-ups rather than the gaudy outfits that became a spectacle.

Instead, the Nets ruled Simmons out of Game 4 altogether, sources said, as a sense of fatigue from the situation and general disappointment seemed to permeate the franchise. After visiting the floor for pregame warm-ups prior to Game 3, Simmons did not partake in any pregame work Monday and was not present on the bench alongside his teammates for Game 4, which one source told B/R was because of his lingering back discomfort. Simmons certainly wouldn’t have debuted on the road in front of a hostile Boston crowd for Game 5. Could he have appeared in Game 6? We’ll never know.

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