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Math Homework Leads To HS Student Kamari Oliver’s Arrest For Deadly Home Invasion

A high school student in the Clark County School District named Kamari Oliver has been arrested and facing multiple charges including murder, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping after a sheet of math homework led to his arrest for a deadly home invasion.

According to authorities;

Natalie Manduley was fatally shot in a botched home invasion on March 25 around 2:10 PM after Oliver and a group of other suspects broke into the home and demanded she hand over any cash and other valuables.

Vlad continues;

Police say Manduley was shot after attempting to use her own firearm to defend herself. Investigators believe Manduley’s home was targeted because her boyfriend is a known jeweler. The boyfriend saw the four suspects fleeing the scene and followed them, eventually ramming the vehicle into a wall. The suspects fled on foot but clues were left behind to identify at least one of the robbers.

“Inside the backpack was a school Chromebook along with a notebook of schoolwork, specifically math work,” police said. “In the top right corner of the schoolwork, the name ‘Kamari Oliver’ and ‘5th Period’ were written.”

Police later learned that Oliver had been excused from class during the time of the robbery and was arrested at school on March 28.

“Oliver was asked about his injuries,” police said. “He stated he was in a fight at a party over the weekend. When confronted about the murder, Oliver stated he wanted a lawyer and all questioning stopped.”

“I think the evidence is going to show he never went inside of that house,” Oliver’s attorney, Dan Winder told the Review-Journal. “He’s an 18-year-old with no prior criminal history as an adult or juvenile. We believe the facts are going to show he was not involved in any murder.”

This is one of the craziest stories I have ever seen.

Hug your sons so they don’t turn out this dumb.

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