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Saweetie’s New Body After a Reported BBL Reduction Surgery

Saweetie is reported to have gone under the knife to reduce her BBL to make her body a bit streamlined and look natural. She was probably tired of being tagged as ‘fake’ and had to go for a BBL reduction surgery to make her look cute.

The first BBL surgery probably didn’t go as expected so she had to go for a reduction to streamline her body and look more natural. Looks like these women aren’t confident in their bodies as they always have to rely on BBL surgery to feel confident and good about themselves.

According to MTO News;

Many in the industry are speculating that the gorgeous female rapper recently underwent a BBL REDUCTION – it’s on elf the more popular surgeries around today.

Everyone knows about the BBL surgeries – which have taken the nation by storm over the past few years. But many doctors were very aggressive with the BBL procedure, and gave their patients unnatural looking curves.

So now there are a few Beverly Hills doctors who specialize in fixing botched BBLs, by removing some fat – and giving the patient a more natural shape.

Saweetie is believed to have recently gotten her BBL fixed.

Saweetie’s body now looks streamlined and natural after a video of her at Coachella yesterday went viral on the internet.

Fixing BBLs is a good business to be in because things go in cycles. Eventually, all these women humongous booties are going to want them to look a little more normal and less like donkeys.

If I was a plastic surgeon I would start giving out discount fliers for this type of surgery, especially in LA and Miami. You can make a killing no pun intended.

Saweetie looked good before the BBL so she should have just left it alone.

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