Stephen A. Smith Goes on Wild Rant Calling Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving The Most Selfish Players in NBA – BlackSportsOnline
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Stephen A. Smith Goes on Wild Rant Calling Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving The Most Selfish Players in NBA

Stephen A. Smith isn’t backing off from hitting hard at Kyrie Irving. Stephen has reacted to Kyrie’s excuses following Game Three and according to him in a viral clip, he will never give Irving a long-term contract again and added that he cannot be trusted.

Here are Stephen Smith’s words after hearing comments from Kyrie Irving;

“I would never give him a long-term contract again! He cannot be trusted. … He is one of the absolute professionals at missing work.”

And here are Kyrie’s comments following the Game Three loss to the Celtics via Side Action;

In terms of our spirit, I think, being in what we call the trenches, or being in a series like this, we’re just trying to gel, and usually you’re gelling around the right time,” Irving said via Yahoo. “The team in the other locker room is gelling at the right time. They’ve been gelling since Christmas. So, for us, we’re just in a new experience as a group, and we just got to respect that. Bring everything we can to this next game and just do one possession at a time.

“I don’t want to be too cliche, but I don’t have a lot of answers for how you make up time from October until now when usually teams will be gelling, and things would be feeling good.”

There is more on Kyrie Irving on his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kyrie Irving obviously missed a lot of the NBA season over his decision not to take the COVID vaccine. So at the end of the day, he really has nobody to blame but himself for the lack of chemistry with his teammates up to this point.

During the gutting loss on Saturday, Irving dropped just 16 points with nine assists.

To stave off elimination on Monday night, the Nets are going to need Kyrie Irving to reach deep into his bag of tricks and pull out a heroic effort to stave off elimination.

Smith wasn’t done as he took shots at Ben Simmons as well.

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