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Watch Patrick Howley Complain About Too Many Black People Including Anthony Mackie Being At Country Music Awards

Why is white supremacist reporter Patrick Howley isn’t getting canceled for his racist comments about black people who attended this year’s CMT Music Awards? According to Newsone, Patrick Howley is “racist as hell, and he demonstrated that racism when he complained about all the Black people who attended this year’s CMT Music Awards.”

Patrick got people upset with his racist comments and he’s been called out on the internet. Here is what went down.

“I don’t know who this Black guy is who’s hosting it. It’s supposed to be country music,” Howley whined.

First of all, the fact that Howley doesn’t know who actor Anthony Mackie is lets us know off rip that he lives in a mayo-on-wonderbread world of caucasified spiceless-ness and washcloth averseness that no one who prefers the Electric Slide to white people’s stiff-a** line dances would want anything to do with.

Anyway, here’s more from the “journalist” who is apparently big mad there were no “whites only” signs posted at the CMT Awards entrance.

“No offense. I mean, y’all have Hip Hop and basketball. You know what I mean,” Howley continued, apparently oblivious to the existence of white rappers and Caucasian people who frequently stumble onto a basketball court. ”

Howley then transitioned into a racist blaccent that, like the racist blaccents of most white men, really just sounds like a lazy Foghorn Leghorn impersonation.

“The melanated people invented country music!” Howley howled as he mocked Black people for simply pointing out that there’s virtually no aspect of American pop culture that white people created. “We was making country music in Wakanda before Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard done stole the Black man’s country music!”

Howley continued and complained about black hosts being so angry “just before expressing his anger at the very existence of Black people in what he clearly considers to be a white space”.

“There were so many Black people there,” he said. “Sorry to say, but so many Black celebrities who have nothing to do with country music and it’s like—why?”

So, obviously, this “journalist” who likely wonders how nooses got such a bad rap doesn’t know anything. If he did, he’d know there’s nothing uncommon about celebrities attending and hosting award shows that fall out of their respective genres and mediums. Actors have hosted the Grammys. Late show hosts have hosted the Oscars. White artists have attended and won BET and NAACP awards. Non-Rock and Roll artists have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

But none of that matters because Howleys howling white tears have nothing to do with the CMTs. He’s just uncomfortable seeing so many Black people where he doesn’t think they belong. Howley is just a white supremacist doing what white supremacists do.

But worry not good people—Howley likes Black music too.

“No disrespect to the funky brothers,” he continued. “I love Earth Wind and Fire, Run DMC, etc. But country music’s different. Country music’s different.”

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