A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Taken From a Mavs Game and Was Found Days Later Being Trafficked in OKC Hotel – BlackSportsOnline
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A 15-Year-Old Girl Was Taken From a Mavs Game and Was Found Days Later Being Trafficked in OKC Hotel

This is an insane story and a little frightening.

It involves human trafficking at a Mavs game.

At a game on April 8th, the 15 year old girl went to the restroom while her dad was still in his seat. She never came back though. According to KVUE.com, footage showed her leaving the arena with a man that night.

Her parents then see nude pics of her online for sex advertisements. Turns out, she was in an Oklahoma City hotel being sold for sex.

“She was gone missing a total of 11 days,” attorney Zeke Fortenberry said. He sent a letter last week to multiple parties he believes could have done things differently, possibly even preventing the situation from escalating.

“Our intent is to put [these organizations] on notice that we’re pursuing claims against them for their negligence and other causes of action,”

“Fortenberry said when the father realized his daughter was missing, he notified police at the game. But, according to Fortenberry, the father was told to report it to North Richland Hills police, where he lives.

The father called North Richland Hills police, but was told by the law enforcement agency that it couldn’t help because the incident happened in Dallas, Fortenberry said.

North Richland Hills police said that they received the report about the missing teen at 1:27 a.m., about six hours after the game started. The department said the teen was entered in the national missing person database by 3:24 a.m. on April 9.

Dallas Police said they helped North Richland Hills PD and created a bulletin for the missing teen that went out to the department on April 11.

Fortenberry said those efforts weren’t enough.

He said it wasn’t police, but a Houston-based human trafficking agency, Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative, that was able to use their face-recognition technology to help break open the case.

“That agency was able to help them locate the photograph of their daughter online within the same day,” Fortenberry said.”

The man that the girl left with allegedly got into the game using a fake ticket and that American Airlines and the Mavs both know the party that has been selling the fake tickets. Luckily they found her and arrested 8 people in connection with the human trafficking.

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