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Ex-Journalist Christine Smythe Who Left Her Husband For Big Pharma’s Martin Shkreli On If She Has Regrets

Big Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is currently serving a 7 year sentence for running a pyramid scheme to prop up his Pharma empire back in 2015 but that doesn’t stop women from wanting him.

Shkreli is one of the most hated people in America for how he hiked up prices on his medicine but one woman in particular seems to be in love with him. That woman is former Bloomberg journalist Christie Smythe.

Smythe had a nice little life in Brooklyn and had a husband when she started covering Shkreli in 2015. She was even the one to break the news of his arrest for securities fraud. Then she somehow caught feelings for him, ended things with her husband, and they then eventually started dating. She even quit her job to pursue him.

Shkreli though apparently wanted to keep things on the low because after Smythe did a feature in Elle magazine telling everyone they were dating so he ended the relationship. She doesn’t have any regrets about it though according to Fox Digital News.

‘Part of me will always love Martin … I absolutely don’t have any regrets about what, you know, what has transpired,’

‘So we are friends, we talk. I am looking forward to seeing what he does when he gets out [of jail]. I am very excited to see him … I imagine that there will be a very big hug,

‘You will be taken along on my journey from when I was a plucky Bloomberg legal reporter trying to ascend a career ladder, to my collision with an errant young striver whose many missteps and impulsive decisions caused him to fall directly in my path,’ her website promises about the upcoming book.

‘This is great, I am proud of you and thank you for thinking about my feelings as well. I hope it is a smash hit,’

‘The framing was that I throw away my life for Martin Shkreli, and yeah, I kind of object to that characterization because my life has continued. I did not threw anything away. In fact, I am in a much happier place now than I used to be,’ Smythe told the outlet.

‘I had an Instagram perfect life … and I just wasn’t happy with my entire situation.

Smythe said that she felt drawn to Shkreli right after meeting him but did not trust her own instincts. Eventually, however, she said she realized the criminal mastermind was not what everyone said he was.

‘I got to know him and  developed such a close relationship with him … And what I liked about him is that he was extremely open honestly, very earnest, very smart,’ she said.

‘Smart in a way there is not just one thing he knows about, or just one thing he is good at. He is an intellectually curious person on a level I rarely see, so I was very intrigued by that.’

Shkreli is set to get out sometime next year so we will see if the two will reconnect.

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