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Jada Pinkett Doesn’t Allow Will Smith to Attend Event With The ‘Bel-Air’ Cast

Will Smith probably doesn’t want to appear at public events following the Oscars slap as he missed out on an event with the Bel-Air cast. What could have stopped Will from attending this important event?

According to TMZ;

Will Smith continues to lay low, missing out on an event to highlight the cast of “Bel-Air” — the revamped version of ‘Fresh Prince’ — which of course, was the launching point of Will’s career.

NBC continued its FYC event in Hollywood Tuesday, a promo for the network’s shows and to create some Emmy buzz. Jabari Banks, who plays a young Will Smith in the show,Coco Jones, Adrian Holmes and more all attended the event … but Will, who is an Executive Producer on the show, was nowhere to be seen.

We should note … Will, Jada and their son Jaden all attended the show’s premiere back in February.

Considering the purpose of the FYC event is to attract Emmy voters, you gotta imagine an appearance from Will could have had the potential to help … at least before the Oscars.

It appears that Jada didn’t want to make an appearance with Will since he isn’t her protector.

Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about a common thread she’s found in her relationships. In this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith and her co-hosts, Willow Smith and Adrienne “Gammy” Banfield-Norris sit down with Mother Hunger author Kelly McDaniel for a conversation on mother-daughter dynamics, where Pinkett Smith reveals that the “biggest wound” that comes out most in her personal relationships is a lack of protection.

“My thing was, just, not having protection. That’s my biggest wound that comes out in all my relationships,” Pinkett Smith says. “And I’ve looked for [the] craziest kind of protection, and I don’t have a really good sense of what’s safe and what’s not.”

She adds, “I’m either extremely protective or extremely defensive.”

It’s something that Banfield-Norris believes started when her mother — a figure of safety and security for Pinkett Smith — died when The Matrix actress was in middle school.

“And I’ll tell you why. The environment. It was my addiction. She found her security through my mother,” Banfield-Norris explains. “But, when Mommy died, that’s when my addiction really took off.”

“She died when I was still in middle school, you know, 11, 12 years old,” Pinkett Smith notes. It was a pivotal moment for the whole family, and impacted Pinkett Smith’s sense of security going forward.

“That’s a really important time to feel secure and safe,” Banfield-Norris maintains. “And that’s when your womanhood starts,” Smith notes. “And that’s when she lost her security,” Banfield-Norris adds. “My mother was her backbone.”

After her grandmother died, Pinkett Smith says she no longer felt safety, and ended up searching for it out in the world. “Her house was safe,” Pinkett Smith shares. “And so, once she was gone, there was no safety, so then I went into the world and created my own safety, and that was crazy.”

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