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Jennafer Lee Claims She Spent $50K On A Trophy ‘Bimbo’ Surgery; Here Are Before and After Photos

According to Jennafer Lee, she spent a whopping $50K on a trophy bimbo surgery despite being a natural beauty. She says she’s “always been good-looking but now gets “great pleasure out of being a blonde bimbo sex object.” She continued that;

“I was never unhappy with my appearance,” Lee declared, adding, “I am a natural beauty and, if anything, how I have changed my appearance has actually made me less attractive.”

The New York Post has more;

Lee — who now has platinum blonde locks — grew up as a brunette, with boys allegedly fighting for her affection in school. “I loved that boys fancied me and I got a lot of attention,” the tattoo artist and OnlyFans star asserted.

But despite her God-given beauty, Lee longed for a more artificial appearance, insisting that a Barbie-style look was a much better match for her personality.

“My personality is naturally ditsy and bubbly and sexual, so when looking any other way, I never felt my personality matched my outward appearance,” she explained.

Over the past decade, Lee has been making drastic — and expensive — changes to her body. “It costs a lot to look this cheap!” she cheekily declared while tallying up the cost of her procedures.

About four years ago, Lee went under the knife to get breast implants after saving up money made from her OnlyFans work.

“As soon as I came around, disoriented from the anesthesia, I looked down and said, ‘No, they’re not big enough!’” Lee exclaimed. “I went back to see my surgeon every month until he agreed to give me 1050cc round … the biggest silicone implants they do!”

The two surgeries set her back close to $15,000. Meanwhile, Lee said she’s spent around $4,000 each year for the past decade on hair dye, Botox and filler.

It doesn’t come cheap wanting to become a bimbo!

Flip to the next page to see photos of self-confessed “Bimbo” Jennafer Lee.  Here are the before and after photos.

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