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Republican Andrew Wilhoite Who Has Been Charged With Killing His Wife Elizabeth Wins Local Primary From Jail

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. This is one inspirational story you got to motivate yourself with. Andrew Wilhoite who has been charged with murdering his  wife Elizabeth Wilhoite has won the local GOP primary for the Clinton Township Board from Boone County jail. According to reports, Andrew secured 60 out of 276 votes this past Tuesday.

Complex has details;

Wilhoite reportedly advanced in the election while incarcerated in Boone County Jail without bond. Earlier this year, the man was put in jail after allegedly killing his wife, Elizabeth Wilhoite.

Andrew Wilhoite said he was arguing with his wife in March 2022 outside of their home. The argument progressed into him striking the woman in the head with a flowerpot, resulting in her falling to the ground. He took the woman’s body, drove it to a creek, and dumped it. According to reports, the woman’s body was found in the creek on March 26.

The trial for Wilhoite is set to start in August 2022, almost two months before the general election. If found guilty of felony murder, the man will be taken off the ballot.

Are you surprised? I am not.

Andrew Wilhoite, 40, won close to 22% of the total 276 votes this week in the Republican race for three positions on the Clinton Township Board, Boone County election results show.

Wilhoite has been held at the Boone County Jail since being taken into custody, reported the Star. His next court hearing is set for May 27.

Unless they are convicted, people charged with felonies can legally run for local office, state elections officials told the Star.

“Under our legal system, every person is innocent until proven guilty,” Brad King, co-director of the Indiana Election Division, told the newspaper. “If a candidate is ultimately convicted, then depending upon the timing of that conviction, the person can be replaced on the ballot by the political party that has a vacancy.”

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