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Robert Griffin III Defends Bronny James Taking White Girl Peyton Gelfuso to Prom

The gift and curse of social media is that everyone will have an opinion. It doesn’t matter if you have three followers or three million. You can speak your peace about whatever topic is at hand. At times there are consequences for the things you say, but for the most 99% of people can speak their mind without any repercussions.

I am sure LeBron, Savannah, and Bronny knew what would happen once the prom photos went public. LeBron is a billionaire, and his son is his heir. I am sure they don’t care what people think about who he is dating. There are living in a much different world than most people.

RG3 feels some type of way about things because for years, he has been a charter member of the Milk Yacht, and people have questioned his blackness, so I am not surprised he spoke out about this.


People clowning Bronny for his prom date are just miserable. Let them enjoy their day.

Sadly, that just isn’t how life works. When you are a public figure, people will speak on things whether you like them or not. There is a stereotype that wealthy and successful black men prefer and marry white women. That stats show that not to be an accurate statement, but it is something that has been around for years and likely will never go away.

LeBron James Jr. has been built to handle the pressure of being one of the greatest basketball player’s oldest son so that he will be fine in the end. If he wants to be a milkman, that is fine as well as long as he isn’t disrespecting black women or people. That is his choice.

At least Ms. Gelfuso isn’t ugly.

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