Boosie Threatens White Man For Harassing Black Woman at Hotel and Being Disrespectful to The Employee – BlackSportsOnline
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Boosie Threatens White Man For Harassing Black Woman at Hotel and Being Disrespectful to The Employee

Boosie has opened up about why he confronted a man over the bad treatment of a female hotel worker and according to him, the man backed the woman down until she could do nothing. Boosie also adds that the man was doing the most and he had to put him in his place via Vlad;

Boosie scored some major points in terms of public opinion, when he approached a man, in public, for being disrespectful towards a female employee of a hotel, moments after a reported dispute.

“You ain’t gonna talk to her like that,” Boosie said, as he stared in the eyes man he accused of intimidating a woman. “I will beat your a*s!!! You ain’t gonna talk to no woman like that.”

On Thursday, the video made its rounds throughout news cycles. To that, Boosie issued a statement on his Twitter account, explaining why he chose to get involved in a public dispute between a man and a woman that he did not know.

“The reason I told that man that because he backed a woman down until she could do nothing. He kept approaching her until she said sorry. Then he said no you go apologize to my wife too!! he was doing the most don’t let the video fool u.”

Lil Boosie is somewhat of a superhero.

Boosie Badazz is trending again for his parenting after he promised a shocking gift to his son for his graduation.

“Y’all he did it. Graduation 22″ y’all know I’m about to cut up. Pocket fulla money GED [and] p-ssy waiting on him,” he captioned the post.

Boosie’s parenting skills have made headlines several times.

In March a video of the rapper and his 18-year-old son inspecting women’s v*gina’s on Instagram Live went viral.

Boosie hosted a pay-per-view event called Boosie Gone Bad. On his website, it says the event was a “live, uncensored and uncut interactive experience.”

Boosie and his son, Torrance Hatch Jr., used a magnifying glass for the examinations.

“Look at the p–sy, son,” he said. “Look at that pearl. Her f*** turtlehead is sticking out.” “Let me see your p-ssy. Let me see this muthaf-cka,” he said to another woman.

“Is it a girl?” his son can be heard asking. “It’s a woman,” Boosie replied.

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