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Drake On Fake Drake Getting Kicked Out Of Club In Houston

A video of fake Drake getting booted out of a club in Houston went viral on the internet and now, the real Drake has reacted to the viral clip. Drake seemingly backed the promoter for throwing out the fake Drake from the club via Vlad;

The man who has come to be known as Fake Drake has seemingly capitalized on his viral moment of looking like the rapper, as he made club appearances and more. Drake hasn’t fully acknowledged the man, but it appears Drake has reacted to the impersonator being kicked out of a Houston nightclub.

Footage of Fake Drake being kicked out of a Houston club was picked up by DJ Akademiks and showed the club’s promoter calling out the impersonator. The promoter told security to remove Fake Drake, saying, “Fake Drake can’t be in Area 29. Fake Drake can’t be in here; he’s got to go!” Since then, Drake saw the video and seemingly liked the moment on Instagram. Since then, Fake Drake has claimed the moment was staged.

It does appear Drake has a relationship with Fake Drake.

While the majority of people seem to be hating on Drake’s newly-released studio record Honestly, Nevermind, there is one person who is definitely a fan, and is happy to make it well-known: a Toronto man who has come to be known as “fake Drake.”

The local D-list celeb, whose claim to fame is bearing a minor resemblance to the rapper, not only now somehow makes thousands of dollars performing as the T.O. star, but has actually formed a relationship with him.

He showed this off in a recent social media post in which he calls Drizzy up to personally congratulate him on the release.

“Imma call the boy right now and imma congratulate him for dropping that album because man, that shit was hard,” the doppelganger, who goes by Izzy Drake, says to the camera before indeed making a FaceTime call to the 6ix God himself.

“Hey yo bro, it’s Izzy,” he says when Drake picks up, saying “What’s up?”

“Yo that album was hard bro, congratulations on the drop. It’s an OVO ting,” the fan continues in what is an all-around undeniably cringeworthy exchange.

“Much love,” the real Drake replies.

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