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Kendrick Perkins Threatens to Fight Draymond Green After He Called Him Out on His Takes

Draymond Green was back on his podcast which he describes as “new media” but in reality like most podcasts just an outlet for him to air his grievances.

The Warriors as a whole don’t like Kendrick Perkins because he tried to fight Steph Curry during the 2018 NBA Finals. Perkins was in street clothes the entire series but was always up on the bench talking trash.

The beef was extended during this year’s NBA Finals when Perkins a former Celtic dressed in a prison outfit to show how the Celtics had locked the Warriors. That pissed off Draymond Green.

ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins tried to make a point with his outfit on Friday morning, but it backfired badly.

On the latest edition of First Take, Perkins wore a prison-inspired outfit to highlight his point about how the Celtics put the Warriors in jail during the second half of Game 1 during the NBA Finals.

“Molly, I’m telling you, they reopened Alcatraz because they had to find room to put the Golden State Warriors…because you know what happened last night? They got the handcuffs put on them in the fourth quarter.”

Perkins was immediately mocked by Stephen A. Smith and NBA fans over his ridiculous prison outfit.

The Warriors don’t forget anything so Draymond called him a fool after winning the championship.

“You got fools like Kendrick Perkins dressing like a clown. Come up here in a jail suit. And then you leave the game early tonight. Stand on your word, brother.”

The war of words has continued with Draymond calling Perkins a C**n on his podcast and that caused Perkins to call out Draymond to say he isn’t about that life and if he wants to fight he knows where to find him.

I am sure ESPN is loving this.

Flip the pages for the back-to-back videos of them beefing and Perkins challenging him to a fight.

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