Khloe Kardashian Secretly Takes Tristan Thompson Back After He Cheating on Her and Got Maralee Nichols – BlackSportsOnline
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Khloe Kardashian Secretly Takes Tristan Thompson Back After He Cheating on Her and Got Maralee Nichols

Even though in the latest episode of the Kardashians, Khloe and her family stated that Tristan Thompson is the worst person ever for cheating on her and having a baby with Maralee Nichols.

New reports have surfaced that once again Khloe is considering taking him back and some reports say that she has already done so.

She was spotted out with Tristan and her mom Kris looking very cozy.

Khloe Kardashian has hard feelings for Tristan Thompson, at least when it comes to romance, but she’s clearly not letting that stand in the way of co-parenting their child.

Khloe and Tristan got together Saturday with 4-year-old daughter True in tow for lunch after her dance recital.

Their destination — the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas. They weren’t alone either, which makes this even more interesting. Kris Jenner, Kim, Kanye, Kylie and Travis Scott along with Khloe’s nieces Dream, Chicago and nephew Psalm were all there, breaking bread or whatever at the table.

By surface glances, they all seemed to be getting along. Khloe eviscerated Tristan on a recent episode of the Kardashian’s Hulu show, but she’s able to somehow compartmentalize things — they’re not only co-parenting … they also seem to be friendly. Remember, that episode was shot a while ago, so things had time to reset.

ICYMI, Khloe unloaded her feelings about Tristan on Kim during the show, first with Kim telling her sister, “If that were me and I was really trying to redeem myself and I was trying to be a better person, I would definitely keep my d*** in my pants.” Khloe agrees, “You would think, you either wear a condom, get a vasectomy or you don’t f*** random people that you meet in other states.”

When Khloe said she wondered why Tristan Thompson didn’t use a condom while cheating I knew she was going to take him back.

Flip the pages for them together and her going off on him on the show.

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