Kids Hoping to See LaMelo Ball in Parking Lot Instead See Michael Jordan Who Doesn’t Want Take a Pic With Them – BlackSportsOnline
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Kids Hoping to See LaMelo Ball in Parking Lot Instead See Michael Jordan Who Doesn’t Want Take a Pic With Them

These young fans were expecting to see LaMelo Ball in the Hornets’ parking lot but then they bumped into NBA legend Michael Jordan and they seemed disappointed. Okay, so they wanted to see LaMelo but ended up seeing MJ instead.

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It’s safe to say Charlotte Hornets point guard LaMelo Ball is completely winning over the younger generation. So much so, that kids are now more infatuated with Ball than, the GOAT, Michael Jordan.

This week, a video is going viral of some kids riding scooters to the Hornets’ facility hoping to find Ball and get a picture with the rising star. But instead, they bumped into owner Michael Jordan, instead.

It’s kind of unclear what Michael Jordan told the young fans. But he was clearly aware that they were looking for his top player, LaMelo Ball.

As it stands, Michael Jordan is in the process of finding LaMelo Ball his next head coach after Kenny Atkinson backed out of the gig to remain an assistant with the Warriors last week.

The kids probably don’t understand how great Jordan was as a player, and probably know more about his sneakers, but he could have taken a photo.

Meanwhile, the Hornets still don’t have a coach.

The Charlotte Hornets have two picks in the first round of Thursday night’s NBA draft — and no head coach in place to help facilitate those decisions.

Hornets owner Michael Jordan has resumed the search for the organization’s next coach after Golden State Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson on Saturday abruptly backed out of a four-year agreement to coach the team.

Charlotte has the 13th and 15th picks in round one, and general manager Mitch Kupchak is expected to make final decisions with input from Jordan. The team also has the 45th overall selection.

“It is unusual not to have a head coach in place for the draft,” ESPN draft analyst Jay Bilas said in a conference call. “You certainly like to keep in mind what your head coach wants to do and how (the player) likes to play. But it’s certainly not the be all and end all because most coaches have input, but they don’t make those decisions”

Bilas said head coaches don’t spend as much time analyzing NBA draft prospects as GMs.

“They may have one that they like, but those decisions are often made by front office people that are spending all their time on talent acquisition,” Bilas said. “So it’s not some death knell for the 13th and 15th that they don’t have a coach in place.”

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