Laurie Lynn Hinds Arrested For Spitting In The Coffin of One of Her Biggest Haters at Funeral – BlackSportsOnline
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Laurie Lynn Hinds Arrested For Spitting In The Coffin of One of Her Biggest Haters at Funeral

A 51-year-old woman named Laurie Lynn Hinds has been arrested after spitting on a corpse during a funeral viewing in Tyler, Texas. The woman probably had some grudges against the dead person when alive and decided to take it a bit further by spitting on the dead body during the viewing.

According to NewsWeek;

According to reports, 51-year-old Laurie Lynn Hinds was arrested in connection to an incident that went down at a funeral viewing months ago. Hinds allegedly went into a funeral viewing that took place in Tyler, Texas, and spat on a body inside of a casket instead of paying respects.

Hinds was hit with a felony charge and was arrested almost seven months after committing the crime. A witness on the scene reportedly told police of the “animosity” Hinds had towards the family of the dead person she spits on.

A warrant for Hinds’ arrest was issued in early 2022. Hinds’ bond was set at $2,500, and the woman posted it. However, she is now facing felony abuse of a corpse. If convicted, she could face up to two years in a state jail along with a fine of $10,000.

In Texas law, “abuse of a corpse” is committed by anyone who “disinters, disturbs, damages, dissects” or “carries away” a human corpse. Concealing, trafficking or transmitting the corpse out of state and treating it “in an offensive manner” are also included under the offense.

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