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Watch Aaron Rodgers Take a Shot At Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson For Being a Trash TikToker

The Match is set to take place on Wednesday and Aaron Rodgers had to take some last shots at Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes.

According to TPS;

Mahomes and Josh Allen will take on Rodgers and Tom Brady and the trash talk has been phenomenal so far.

Rather than attacking Mahomes specifically, Rodgers decided to take a shot at Patrick’s brother Jackson Mahomes’ affinity for TikTok videos.

Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson, absolutely loves TikTok and even quit playing basketball to become a star on the social media platform. At every game during the NFL season, fans will likely see him dancing on the field.

His dancing got him into trouble when he did it on a memorial to Sean Taylor when the team was facing off against Washington.

Everyone hates Jackson Mahomes. He is also known for scamming companies.

People talk about Jackson because he throws water on people or is rude to service people. He is TikTok dancing on Sean Taylor’s logo and trying to kiss women against their will. Those are specific reasons why people go at him. Every QB in the league has a wife, girlfriend, fiancee, brothers, and sisters, and we never hear about them, so you can’t just blame social media for what goes on with Matthews and Jackson.

Here is another example of that.

There is this small business called Rare Munchiez that sells exotic food and drinks. They have some interesting stuff from all over the world, like Twix Cookies from China. Anyway, it looks like Jackson hopped in their DMs and asked for some product.

They sent him a free care package, and all they asked from him to tag them when he posted it on social media. The package was delivered, and Jackson went ghost on them. Mahomes in the TikTok comments says he never received anything from them, but in the DM exchange, you can clearly see them ask if he hadn’t received it to let them know, and he didn’t.

This is small in the grand scheme of things, but it is important to remember that a lot of people get on Jackson is not because they are just giving him a hard time, but at least publicly, he does sh*tty things to people.

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