Watch Miami Cop Tell Black Motorist With No Seatbelt On ‘This Is How You Guys Get Killed’ – BlackSportsOnline
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Watch Miami Cop Tell Black Motorist With No Seatbelt On ‘This Is How You Guys Get Killed’

A Miami cop is under investigation for telling a Black motorist who was stopped for not wearing a seatbelt that ‘this is how you guys get killed’. Of course, you will get killed without a seatbelt on in case there is an accident but it seems that was not what the cop meant.

The New York Post has details of the encounter;

Gerardson Nicolas was driving in North Miami Beach last week when he was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, he told local outlets.

He began filming the encounter at some point and appears to have a tense discussion with the unnamed officer while retrieving his documents.

“I’m going to work,” Nicolas can be heard telling the officer in video posted to social media. “Give me your driver’s license, registration and insurance,” directs the officer after opening the driver’s door. “If not, you will be not be going to work today.”

As Nicolas goes through his wallet, the officer continues. “Simple thing, man,” he says. “This is how you guys get killed out here, man.”

“What?’ Nicholas responds after handing over the license. “Say that again.” “My God,” the officer states. “Registration and insurance.”

The cop then attempts to close the door as Nicolas tries to keep it from closing.

“What do we get killed for?” Nicolas asks him before telling the camera that the officer would soon become “famous.”

The video shows the driver standing just outside his vehicle with the motorcycle cop in the background. “Got nothing on me, pulls me over and threatening to shoot me,” he says. “Threatening to kill me. We’re going to court, man.”

Of course the cops hasn’t been punished and he is right they will kill black men for no reason at all. The said thing is the majority of time they will get away with it.

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