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Alex Rodriguez On Jennifer Lopez Dumping Him To Marry Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez dumped Alex Rodriguez and got hitched to her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck, and now, they’ve tied the knot and planning a mega-celebrity wedding.

And now, this is how Alex feels about Jennifer Lopez dumping him to be with someone she truly loves via TPS;

Over the weekend, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez shocked the nation by getting married in Las Vegas. It begged the question of how Alex Rodriguez felt about it, since their relationship ended just months ago.

Rodriguez and Lopez got engaged in 2019 and called things off in April 2021 after multiple ruors of cheating surfaced.

On Monday, Us Weekly revealed how Alex Rodriguez responded to the news.

“He’s happy for her and happy that she’s with the person she’s meant to be with,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’s in a new relationship now and is happy as well. He’s traveling all over and living his best life. He’s really focused on family, his career and what he’s got going on.”

Us Weekly also said that Rodriguez “went about his business” after seeing the news that Affleck and Lopez got married. Rodriguez had recently called Lopez “the most talented human” he has ever been around.

“Here’s what I will tell you about Jennifer, and I was telling some of my colleagues here the other day, she’s the most talented human being I’ve ever been around,” he said. “Hardest worker. And I think she is the greatest live performer in the world today that’s alive.”

It does appear that Lopez and Affleck were meant to be together, so everyone gets there happy ending. No one wants to be with someone who really wants to be with someone else, so A-Rod should be happy about that.

He looks to be having a good time with his Jennifer Lopez replacement, so no need to cry over spilled milk.

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