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Portia Odufuwa Who Shot Up Dallas Love Field Airport Says She is Chris Brown’s Wife

Portia Odufuwa who claimed she was a prophetess of God and also married to Chris Brown got shot by a cop after she opened fire inside Dallas airport halting flights for hours.

According to Vlad;

A woman named Portia Odufuwa pulled out a gun inside the Dallas Love Field Airport on Monday morning and started shooting towards the ceiling. Because of that, flights at the airport were halted for hours. The woman was yelling about her marriage before being shot by a Dallas police officer.

An officer on scene shot her in a lower extremity and she was taken into custody and is in the hospital. No one else was injured, Garcia said.

Police identified the suspect as Portia Odufuwa in a statement. CNN has been unable to determine if Odufuwa has retained an attorney at this time.

The incident sparked chaos as people fled. Michael Loewinsohn had just arrived at the airport on a flight from Denver and was walking toward baggage claim when the chaos erupted.

The 37-year-old claimed to be “God’s Prophet” and also claimed to be married to Chris Brown. Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia spoke on the matter, saying Odufuwa was dropped off at the airport before 11 a.m. and that she changed clothes in a restroom upon entering. From there, the woman left the rest in a hoody and began firing shots after pulling out the gun. “At this point, we don’t know where exactly the individual was aiming. From what we are seeing, she was aiming at the ceiling. There are several rounds that were found,” said Garcia.

Odufuwa was taken to the Parkland Memorial Hospital after being shot. Her condition was unknown, but the Dallas FBI and ATF are investigating the situation.

The Federal Aviation Administration put a ground stop in place at the airport due to security concerns. Operations were suspended for several hours Monday afternoon and after the stoppage ended, airport officials recommended in a tweet that passengers check with the airlines on their flight’s status.

Airport security checkpoint operations have also resumed, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Dallas Love Field Airport is located about 6 miles northwest of downtown Dallas and primarily serves Southwest Airlines, its website states.

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