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45-year-Old Mississippi Woman Nearly Died While Experiencing Orgasm

According to a new medical study, one Mississippi woman nearly lost her life while experiencing orgasm. I never knew that while achieving orgasm, you could lose your life.

According to the New York Post;

“The patient was having sexual intercourse with her husband, and during her orgasm, she felt a ‘pop’ in her chest with radiation to her back,” research recently published in the American Journal Case Report explained. “She stated that her legs were pressed against her chest [during the orgasm].”

Per the medical journal, an unnamed 45-year-old woman from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was rushed to the emergency room of her local hospital after suffering from “stabbing” chest pains with “10 out of 10” pain levels.

She was also afflicted with a sudden case of nausea and shortness of breath.

And when health care staffers checked her vitals, the woman had an alarming blood pressure reading of 220/140 mmHg — on average, the healthy blood pressure for a woman in her 40s is around 120/80, according to the CDC.

“The patient had a past medical history of hypertension and … admitted to an approximately 17-year history of tobacco abuse, stating she currently smoked 6 to 7 cigarettes daily,” reads the report.

Doctors gave her morphine and fentanyl to reduce the pain and ultimately determined that she’d sustained a leak in her aorta — the largest artery at an inch in diameter, which transports blood through the body.

Her condition, medically known as acute aortic syndrome or AAS, is on the spectrum of severe life-threatening diseases, per the report.  And specialists determined that she had experienced an aortic intramural hematoma, which can cause a full tear in the aorta.

If left untreated, an aortic rip can lead to death and, on average, has instantly killed 40% of sufferers, according to the research. A tear often begins as the aorta is weakened over time, and the erosion is typically caused by high blood pressure.

However, researchers found that men in their 60s often suffer aortic or other heart-related issues during sex at a higher rate than women.

“Men have a 2:1 higher incidence of developing AAS, and the peak age of diagnosis is later adulthood, around the age of 65 years,” explained the report.

What in the blue hell?

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