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Actress Anne Heche Was High on Cocaine When She Crashed Into a House

Actress Anne Heche is currently in dire condition after she crashed her car into her home last Friday and it seems really bad.

The first reports that came out from this suggested that she may have been under the influence of alcohol while driving but that isn’t the case even though she was under the influence.

It wasn’t alcohol but cocaine as reported by TMZ. Not only cocaine though, there’s a possibility that she was under the influence of fentanyl also.

LAPD sources tell TMZ … the department has tested the blood they drew after Anne was admitted to the hospital, and in addition to cocaine, they also found fentanyl. However, our sources say fentanyl is sometimes used as a pain med in hospitals, so they need to do more testing and investigation to determine if the fentanyl was in her system at the time of the crash.

Heche’s condition hasn’t improved since going to the hospital last week and she’s currently fighting for her life.

Right now, our main focus is medical treatment first, and then she’ll eventually face the criminal charges when everything comes back according to the toxicology results,” Lee told Fox News Digital. 

Per the outlet, “fentanyl” was also found in her system, but more testing needs to be done to determine if the opioid was in her system at the time of the crash since it’s sometimes used as a pain medication in hospitals. 

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency listed fentanyl as a Schedule II controlled substance “that is similar to morphine but about 100 times more potent,” and noted two milligrams (less than a grain of salt) of the synthetic opioid can be lethal depending on a person’s body size. 

Heche sustained burn injuries and was “conscious and breathing” when she was removed from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher, before abruptly sitting up as authorities rushed her to an ambulance in video footage from the scene of the incident.

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