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How To Avoid Having Your Betting Account Restricted in Australia

Australians have a huge range of options when it comes to betting sites, with over 90 licensed bookmakers approved to offer online betting services. Reportedly, over 80% of Aussie adults engage in gambling of some type – the highest rate in the world!

Unfortunately, as part of their terms and conditions, Australian online betting sites reserve the right to close or restrict your account at their discretion. This typically occurs when they suspect you’re employing a betting strategy to take advantage of bonus bets, or you continually win large amounts.

Whilst this is unfair, ultimately, it’s not illegal – So with that in mind, here’s some tips on how to avoid having your betting site closed or the amount of money you’re allowed to bet limited:

Don’t Bet With Just One Betting Site

Australian online betting sites aren’t too worried about accounts that win small amounts. If you’re wanting to wager large amounts of money on a game or horse race, split that bet across 3 or 4 bookmakers. If you stick with the higher quality bookmakers, you should receive the same odds for your bets and our total payout will be the same – however you’ll fly under the radar. Check out Betting Sites Australia for a list of all the betting sites down under with the best odds.

Keep Some Funds In Your Account

After you have a winning bet, Australian bookmakers want you to gamble those winnings again until you ultimately lose. Rather than withdrawing your entire balance to your bank account after a big win, continue to place smaller bets over the coming weeks whilst withdrawing your funds in moderate amounts. This will remove the incentive for the betting agency to cut their losses and close your account.

Bet In Round Numbers

Professional punters often talk in units – the idea being that you divide your total available bankroll into ‘units’ to be spread out across a race meeting. Following this strategy can result in placing very specific wagers – for example $21.24, on a race – this is a red flag to online betting sites that you’re following a betting strategy and unlikely to be a profitable customer for them (in other words, you’re not going to lose as much as they want you to). Most normal people bet in round numbers – i.e. $10, $20 – so even if you are following a unit betting strategy – make sure you round your bets up to the nearest $5 to avoid suspicion.


In conclusion, if you are a highly skilled punter, Australian online betting sites don’t want you as a customer – after all, they’re in the business of maximizing profits. However, if you follow these three simple tips, you’ll be able to fly under the radar for longer and continue to enjoy the spoils of victory.