Jalen Rose Takes Shot at Skip Bayless’ HS Basketball Career After Skip Took Shot at Bronny James – BlackSportsOnline
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Jalen Rose Takes Shot at Skip Bayless’ HS Basketball Career After Skip Took Shot at Bronny James

Jalen Rose isn’t cool with Skip Bayless’ comments about Bronny James and he’s here to drag him in the mud over those comments. Skip seems to be untouchable even though he’s free to touch on people’s issues but Jalen is here to do the needful via Vlad;

As the basketball world continues buzzing over the poster Bronny James provided during an AAU game in Paris, Skip Bayless was the target of many former NBA players’ ire for his seemingly backhanded remarks about the dunk.

Jalen Rose went on Jalen & Jacoby on Tuesday and rehashed his famous dig at Bayless to undermine his hoops bonafides by pointing out that he played JV basketball as a junior and averaged less than 2 ppg.

Rose said that Bayless ought to be restricted from talking about basketball after his comments and explained why Bayless’s approach to dissecting Bronny’s game as if he’s a pro and not a student-athlete is the source of the problem.

Never forget Water Pistol Pete Jr.

“KRS-One, one of my favorite rappers, he always said that he kept a diss record for everybody in the top ten in case somebody wanted to come at him,” he said. “In the debate world, what you’re trying to come up with is facts, stats, and figures that may be body blows, may be head shots, if you need them. Yes, that debate did become personal, and I regret that it became personal. In our banter, I did bring up some intel that I had done. I got some of it off Black Sports Online. I vetted it, and so when I was on the show and the debate became personal, I exposed the information that I had about his high school career. As I look back at it, I should have handled it different.”

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