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Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss’ Twitter Got Hacked and The Hackers Were Offering Free PS5s

According to reports, hackers got hold of the Lakers owner Jeanie Buss’ Twitter handle, where they advertised a trio of Playstation 5s for sale with some promises.

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The Los Angeles Lakers owner is extremely active on Twitter, but this week something was amiss. Jeanie posted two tweets that advertised a trio of Playstation 5s for sale. The post said that she was selling three PS5s and that all of the proceeds would go directly to charity. Those who purchased one would also have a chance to go to a Lakers game.

Two hours later, she followed it up with another tweet that advertised only one PS5 remaining. Whoever bought it would get flown out to have lunch with the Lakers family, it said.

The two tweets were obviously not from Buss. She got hacked and both tweets were deleted by early Tuesday morning.

And then another one appeared with the exact same copy as the first tweet, but only two PS5s were for sale this time.

Jeanie has been having a hard time this offseason.

Jeanie Buss is here to clear things up concerning her cryptic tweet which many claimed was a shot at LeBron James. According to her in a recent interview, her tweet was never a shot at LeBron and that it was “purely about missing Kobe”.

SI got more;

In a recent interview with’s Mark Medina, Buss clarified that her message was purely about missing Kobe, and not subliminal messaging to LeBron James.

“No. It was that my heart was full of sadness. You look to people surrounding you that feel the same way to commiserate. That’s all it was. It wasn’t intended at anything other than I had sorrow in my heart and I was trying to lighten my load.”

In that same interview, Buss expanded on what prompted her tweet about missing Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

“When Phil [Jackson] left to go to the Knicks, the NBA made us sign a letter because we’re on two different teams. He said, ‘This means I can’t help you anymore. But you always have Kobe. Kobe has your back. Talk to him if you ever need advice. You’ll always have Kobe.’ That’s what Phil said to me. So, the idea that we don’t always have Kobe is hard to accept.”

It’s hard to accept for Buss, and it’s hard to accept for Lakers fans, but the best way LA can honor Kobe this coming season, as they did in 2020, is win the another championship.

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