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Photos Of Kevin Durant Chilling Saint Tropez While Denying Retirement Talk

Kevin Durant has been spotted in Saint Tropez in the wake of retirement talks. According to Side Action, there is a wild rumor out there that Kevin Durant would choose to retire from the NBA over playing for the Brooklyn Nets again.

Longtime NBA journalist Marc Stein wrote in his SubStack column that “one of the most well-connected team executives” told him that Kevin Durant “was more apt to retire than play again for the Brooklyn Nets.” Durant would later hop on Twitter to  shut down the rumors.

“I know most people will believe unnamed sources over me but if it’s anyone out there that’ll listen, I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon. S— is comical at this point,” he tweeted.

It is unclear at this point whether Kevin Durant, who has three years remaining on his current deal, will be traded at all. But in the meantime, Durant doesn’t look too concerned about all the drama swirling back in the states.

Depending on how badly he wants out of Brooklyn, Kevin Durant might be willing to forgo his entire $44.1 million salary this year.

KD has made more than $300 million from his NBA contracts alone, and he’s owed more than $150 million between the 2023-24 and 2025-26 seasons.

KD doesn’t seem too bothered by everything that is going on with the Nets. He has about a month before training camp and that is when sh*t will hit the fan.

At the moment it doesn’t appear the Nets are willing to trade him unless they are getting a superstar or maybe two in return.

In the end, the Celtics and Sixers seem like the leading candidates for his services. They are the only two teams they have assets that the Nets might be willing to part with for Kevin Durant.

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