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Texas Home With A Secret Real Life Batman “Batcave” Is Selling For $875K

If you’ve got $875K sitting comfortably in your bank account, you could be the new owner of this Texas home with a secret real-life batman cave.

As you can see, it’s been listed for $875K via the New York Post;

An unassuming four-bedroom, three-bedroom home in the Lone Star State has listed for $875,000.

But what appears to be your typical American family home — with a kitchen, a formal dining room, a family room and a detached two-car garage — has one particular feature that makes this place really stand out.

It has its very own natural bridge cavern.

“Do you love Natural Bridge Caverns?” The listing asks. “If so, take a look at this one-of-a-kind park like property. This must-see property boasts a cavern of its own.”

The history of how this cave came to be a part of house is even more interesting.

“The cave was discovered in 2004, when the owners were clearing the land to build
the house,” the home’s owners told The Post in a statement.

The owners had noticed cool air coming from a small hole in the ground. “A wind pressure test showed a cave potentially the size of the house,” the statement said.

By 2011, a pool excavation company created an entrance into the cave and made the 15-foot tunnel walkable. Meanwhile, a 3-foot hole in the floor blowing air led to the discovery of a lower, larger room. In total, you will descend 30 feet down.

Texas caves in the area range 100,000 to 2 million years old. This cave, as well as the two tourist attraction caves — Natural Bridge Caverns and the Bracken Bat Cave just north — were formed by a shift in the ground causing a collapse and creating the opening.

My only fear is one day you down there working on capturing the Joker and a earthquake or a flood comes and traps you down there. Beyond that it is dope.

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