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Watch Kim Kardashian Rock a Bikini And Thigh-High Boots To The Gym to Show Kanye and Pete Davidson What They Are Missing

Kim Kardashian will always be Kim Kardashian! In a video posted to her 329 million Instagram page, Kim actually rocked a nude bikini and thigh-high boots to the gym. Was she going to work out at the gym or to have her usual photoshoot?

Yahoo got more;

Kim Kardashian is hopping on the thigh-high boot trend in a very Kim Kardashian way.

On August 13, the newly single reality star shared a low-fi video of her wearing a nude string bikini with a pair of stiletto-heeled thigh-high boots to strut around a gym while a cover of “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones played in the background. To make sure her shoulders stayed warm, Kardashian covered them up with what appears to be a white T-shirt pulled behind her back.

“Gym time,” she captioned the perplexing video. (To be clear, Kardashian may have lifted a singular weight in the entire clip…maybe.) “I wore this to the gym this morning,” her sister Khloé Kardashian joked in the comments.

This is Kim Kardashian being Kim Kardashian.

Did you know you can get odds on Kim’s next boyfriend?

Kim Kardashian is once again in the news because of her love life. Kim and her boyfriend of nine months, Pete Davidson, have announced they have split up. So of course, everyone wants to know what’s next for Kim K. Well, sportsbooks have a few ideas about where things could go from here.

Don’t worry, your favorite sports betting site hasn’t become a showbiz column, and we will give you the best odds on every bet, and make sure you get exclusive access to the best offers.

At the top of the list is CNN contributor Van Jones. Sportsbooks have had their eyes on Kim Kardashian and Van Jones for well over a year now. Jones was the favorite to be Kardashian’s next boyfriend after she split up with Kanye, given +500 odds at the time. Now that she’s broken up with Pete Davidson, Jones is once again the favorite. But this time his odds have increased to +800.

Among the biggest risers in the market over the last year have been Ray J and Nick Cannon. Neither was considered a serious threat to be Kim’s next boyfriend after she split with Kaye, but they are now. Nick Cannon moved from +2000 to +1000 on the market, while Ray J moved from +2200 to +1000. They moved from 14th and 15th to be tied for second.

There’s also a chance for Kim and Kanye to get back together. Sportsbooks are now giving Kanye +2200 odds, or an implied 4.3% chance to get back together with Kim. That’s major progress for him, as he wasn’t among the 31 men on the market to be Kim’s next man after their split last year.

Speaking of old flames, Kris Humphries is also back on the odds market. Kim’s other ex-husband is given +3500 odds, or an implied 2.8% chance to win her back.

Among the longshots to be Kim’s next boyfriend are Johnny Depp +10000, and Brad Pitt +10000. The two actors are given just a 1% chance here, but that’s still better than the odds given to nine teams to win the Super Bowl this year including both the New York Jets and the New York Giants.

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