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Watch Man Fall to His Death After Sliding Down a Trash Chute and Into The Jaws of a Garbage Collector

Here is what I think happened.

Someone accidentally threw something very important away, and the man figured he would just slide down the chute and try to recover it.

Not realizing at the bottom there are actually blades down there to chop up the trash.

Here are the details.

Strange video shows the moment a man climbed into a Brooklyn building’s garbage chute minutes before he was found dead in the trash compactor below — as two people look on.

The surveillance footage was shot from the first floor hallway of the Medgar Evers apartments in Bedford-Stuyvesant at just before 4 a.m., about 15 minutes before the unidentified man was found dead and mangled at the bottom of the chute.

He is seen in the video talking with another man before he opens the chute’s hatch and puts one foot in. He then appears to sit on the open hatch as a woman joins the pair.

She holds the bottom of the hatch, as if making sure the man doesn’t fall from his seat in what turned out to be his last moments, the video shows.

The man shimmies into the small space slowly, all the while continuing a conversation with the others, according to the footage. Once he is fully inside and out of sight of the camera, the other two lean inside. The other man appears to hold his cellphone, possibly as a light in the darkness.

The other man then puts his head and arms more fully into the space — leaving his feet dangling as the woman appears to hold him to prevent him from falling in.

Investigators are looking into whether the man who was killed fell or otherwise found his way into the compactor portion, where he was cut up, cops said.

While police could not say why the man went in, neighbors speculated he might have dropped his keys.

It wasn’t worth it.

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