Brett Favre Used Money That Was Supposed to Be For Kid Cancer Patients For His Personal Projects – BlackSportsOnline
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Brett Favre Used Money That Was Supposed to Be For Kid Cancer Patients For His Personal Projects

Are you surprised?

It should be clear by now, and it should have been clear for years, that Brett Favre is a terrible person. It has been in plain sight for a very long time.

If you had just tracked a lot of Favre’s statements over the years and his actions even when he was a player should have led you down a road of knowing that this hero of many was a trash human being.

Here is another example via The Athletic.

From 2018-2020, Brett Favre’s charitable foundation, Favre 4 Hope, which has a stated mission to support disadvantaged children and cancer patients, donated more than $130,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation during the same years that Favre was working to finance a new volleyball center at the school.

In the same years Favre was soliciting money to build the volleyball facility, his charitable foundation, which received public donations, significantly increased its contributions to USM’s athletic fundraising arm. Tax records show that Favre 4 Hope gave the USM Athletic Foundation $60,000 in 2018, when no other charity received more than $10,000. The next year, it gave $46,817; the next highest gift, to the Special Olympics of Mississippi, was $11,000. In 2020, Favre 4 Hope sent USM’s Athletic Foundation $26,175; no other organization received more than $10,000.

Tax records also show that in 2015, when Favre’s daughter was a volleyball player at Oak Grove High in Hattiesburg, the Favre 4 Hope foundation donated $60,000 to that school’s booster club, the largest grant made by Favre 4 Hope that year. The Oak Grove Booster Club subsequently granted $60,349 to the high school with the stated purpose being: “assist to build athletic facility.”

While the tax documents don’t disclose any potential conditions Favre 4 Hope may have placed on the grants to the USM Athletic Foundation or the Oak Grove Booster Club, experts were skeptical that those donations aligned with Favre 4 Hope’s stated mission to support “charitable organizations whose focus is to provide support for disadvantaged children” and “nonprofits that provide assistance to breast cancer patients.”

Favre is a scammer and should be a jail.

It will never happen, but one can dream.

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