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Britney Spears Goes Off On Her Dad While Doing Topless Dance Video

Britney Spears went on haywire and ranted with claims that her father wanted to eliminate her. It’s obvious she hates her dad and probably wants him dead too. Britney says she hopes he burns in a f***ing hell!

The Daily Mail has more;

Britney Spears took to Instagram on Sunday to vent her frustrations with the ‘pain’ her father inflicted upon her during her 13-year conservatorship saying she wished her parents ‘both burn in hell’.

A California judge ended the pop star’s conservatorship last November after a court revealed that Spears, 40, was being forced to use birth control to stop her having a third child.

In the months since, Spears has been unbridled in her public criticism of her family and on Sunday made plain her thoughts on her parents, particularly her father – who allegedly stole from her when he was supposed to be managing her finances.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘Sorry I will never forget because of the pain and the difference in being out of my head clear moving my feet … its only been 10 months since the conservatorship has ended … I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone !!!’

‘It’s extremely hard for me to accept the fact that my family did that to me … it will be hard for me for the rest of my life … as for my Mom and Dad who sat back and hid coffee from me at the house to wake me up from feeling dead and scared like an old lady … and threw me away … I will say it loud and proud … I pray you both burn in hell.’

Accompanying Sunday’s posting was a two minute audio note from the superstar singer where she explained how she continually had to undergo MRI examinations without it being explained to her exactly why she needed the procedure.

Spears documented how she underwent the hour-long scan at least three times leading her to believe she may be suffering from a rare form of cancer.

She said: ‘I was basically really kind of confused. So, honestly, none of it was true. I’m fine. I’m alive. The conclusion, the hardest thing is that they were just being mean. My dad was just being really mean and I really felt like my dad was just trying to kill me and I really hope he burns in f***ing hell.’

Later, following the rant, the Oops!…I Did It Again singer posted an image of herself without clothes on, with just a heart covering her bottom with anther rant about her conservatorship.

The popstar added: ‘I’m pretty traumatized for life and yes I’m p****d as f**k and no I won’t probably perform again just because I’m stubborn and I will make my point.’

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