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NFL Reporter Chris Adamski Apologizes For Terrible Tweet About Dwayne Haskins

NFL reporter Chris Adamski is rightfully feeling the wrath of Steeler fans right now.

The team has been dealing with a QB situation and recently named Mitchell Trubisky as the starter and Kenny Picket as the backup. That means the longest-tenured QB on the team, Mason Rudolph, is the 3rd string QB.

Some thought the job was Rudolph’s to lose, and some knew he wouldn’t get the job at all.

While talking about the Steelers QB situation, Adamski made a very insensitive comment about Dwayne Haskins, who passed away earlier this year in a tragic accident. Saying Rudolph ended last year as QB2, and the only other QBs they had been retired and dead. Then mentions him being QB3. He didn’t mention Haskins’s name.

Sadly Haskins passed away in a horrific accident.

Haskins died around 7 a.m. EDT on April 9, 2022, after he was struck by a dump truck while attempting to cross Interstate 595 near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on foot. He was in Florida to train with several of his Steelers teammates. His wife, who was not traveling with him, received a call from Haskins after he had run out of gasoline for his rented vehicle letting her know of his attempt to get more at a gas station prior to being struck. Haskins was knocked back several feet by the dump truck and either run over or struck a second time by an SUV that swerved in an attempt to avoid him. A toxicology report revealed he had a blood alcohol level of .24 and had also tested positive for ketamine and norketamine. His death was ruled an accident.

After he got a lot of criticism, he apologized for the bad-taste tweet and deleted it, but it’s still there and pretty much shows how some people think about athletes.

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