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Ray J Say Kim Kardashian is Still Getting Paid From Their Adult Tape and He Plans to Sue

Apparently, people are still watching Kim Kardashian’s sex tape because, according to Kim’s sex tape partner Ray J, the explicit content is still making money. People are still interested in watching Kim’s private parts for whatever reason.

MTO News has more;

Ray J says that his s*x tape with Kim Kardashian is still making him money. Charlamagne Tha God asked him how much the tape is pulling in.

“I don’t even know. It’s still making money, now.’ Til this day,” he said. Ray J says he is going to sue the Kardashians for slander.

“I’m gonna make some legal stuff happen. Just think about it like this. Without me just going through all the facts. I said what I said. It’s crickets over there. No response, no nothing. How long has it been? Like, two weeks. Silence. They usually are the type of people that respond fast and they try to tear you right down right away. It should say a lot from just that,” he said, adding that he wants to clear his name.

Weeks back, Ray J went live and claimed that Kris Jenner helped to get them a deal to sell the sex tape. He even claimed she watched them and had them film another tape and picked the best one.

Ray J also says Kris Jenner is messing with his IG account.

Ray J says he’s been blocked from going Live on Instagram and is blaming Kris Jenner.

“I’m tryna go live on my sh*-t. They blocked me on Live,” he shared. “Instagram said I was talking too much sh-t. I wasn’t following the guidelines, cause I was telling the truth?” he said.

“Kris Jenner, you working 24 hours to try to stop me, huh? Yall don’t want to respond to what I said, but ya’ll want to get me blocked from all the sites. You can’t silence the truth.”

Ray J says he’ll be going Live on Twitch from now on. On Instagram Live weeks back, Ray J says Jenner was in on the sex tape deal and even had Kim shoot additional tapes.

“Her mama made us go shoot it for safety,” Ray J said. “She watched … And said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna go with the first one ’cause the first one is better. It gives my daughter a better look than the second one that I made y’all go do.”

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