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TikToker Emmie Goes Viral Because Her Long Torso is Similar To The Alien Worms From Men In Black

A TikToker with a long torso is being trolled and compared to aliens from Men in Black. There are too many mean people on the internet, and they are all over Tiktok trolling the Tiktoker via the New York Post;

Emmie, a 22-year-old who goes by @emmielovescows on TikTok, posted a video of herself dancing last month which has since garnered over a million views and scores of comments.

Some commenters were complimentary, but others compared her body shape to a species of alien worms from the 1997 Sci-Fi comedy film Men in Black.

TikToker Austin Brown, who goes by @thatbrownguy, posted a response to one of Emma’s dance videos along with a picture of Neeble, one of the alien worms from Men in Black.

Commenters trolled her both on his stich and on Emmie’s videos on her TikTok. “When’s the next Men In Black movie coming [out],” wrote Taylor Mawn on Emmie’s video.

“Have you seen a doctor,” said Storm.

“Your torso is freaking loooong. Mine is non existent,” said Shey the Great.

Other TikTokers rushed to Emmie’s defense and praised her unique build.

“Every body is different and nothing wrong with that (you own it girl !! Respect) ❤️,” Shan_w2817said.  “but her figure is perfect and I don’t see a problem whys everyone so hateful and jealous 🥰,” Sid Annoreilly22.

“Gorgeous little centipede 🥰,” said Charlieann on another one of her videos.

“Why are you not a model😭😭😭😭,” said Nicole Callan.

In addition to stunning people with her long torso, Emmie shocked people with her petite stature which she claims is just 5’2”, a number she later changed in a video stating she is 5’3”.

“How do you look 6,7 but are 5,3,” Joss commented.

“i’ve never seen another person that’s 5’2 with a long torso and shorter legs!,” wrote Brittany Gonzalez.

We need to see what her legs look like they might be stubs.

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