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Why Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Was Added to Deadpool 3

What do you do if you’re Disney and you’ve just gained control of one of the most critically acclaimed and fan loved R-rated comic franchises but you want to show fans that nothing is going to change and all their expectations will be met? Well, if you’re Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Feige, you do what was once thought impossible and convince the legendary Hugh Jackman to return, say it with me if you’ve heard this before, one last time for the third film in the franchise. That’s exactly what happened when the news broke yesterday that the two iconic actors, who have a great relationship and have been jokingly going after each other in skit after skit after skit, will now finally appear in the fashion fans have wanted to see since they first saw the embarrassment that is X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Instead of poisoning this article with any memories from that film, let’s just focus on the fact that fans have been desperate to see a genuine on-screen appearance/film featuring Deadpool and Wolverine, specifically with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman playing the characters. Ther two characters have been mainstays in each other’s comics since time immemorial. They’re cut from the same Weapons Plus program and have been allies, enemies, frenemies, and everything in-between. The way that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds play off each other in skits has long had people convinced that a proper movie with quality writing could pull in an absolutely massive audience for one of the most questioned and asked about titles from the 20th Century Studios purchase. 

In true Reynolds/Jackman fashion, the announcement was even done in a low-key and spectacular manner. It featured Ryan sitting on a couch talking about trying to come up with as many ideas as he can for the upcoming Deadpool film and how to make its initial MCU appearance something fans would remember and talk about for a long time. Unfortunately, Reynolds says, he came up with absolutely nothing… except for one idea. I’ll let Mr. Reynolds explain the idea to you. 

The video, the presentation, the way the two characters interact without really interacting, all of it is vintage Deadpool and Wolverine, not to mention vintage Reynolds and Jackman. While some fans are going to whine and cry about this ruining the ending of Logan, I’m going to remind them that literally nobody but Uncle Ben has stayed dead in comics and even some runs of Spider-Man changed that eventually. Nobody stays dead in the world of comics and that’s what makes them so great. At any given moment, it could be your favorite character’s number that’s up. But when they return, it’s almost always in spectacular fashion. 

I’m choosing to see the return of Hugh Jackman as something akin to Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It can be something wonderful if it’s done well and that film was done well. There’s zero reason to think that Deadpool 3 won’t take the same care and time with Wolverine’s re-introduction. This is all about making fans happy and telling fun stories. Deadpool is an absurd franchise and the idea that Wolverine returning in Wade’s world somehow diminishes his death in Logan without anyone even knowing how it’s going to be done or in which manner it will be done, all seems like a very pointless waste of energy to me. I choose to enjoy and there’s little more I enjoy in Hollywood than Marvel movies and seeing Reynolds and Jackman have fun with one another. 

It’s your party and you can cry if you want to, but we’re laughing at my Deadpool party.