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Woman Gives Birth To Twins With Different Daddies After Having Relations With 2 Men on Same Night

This is probably the weirdest story you will read about all week.

A 19-year-old from Brazil had sex with two different men in the same and later gave birth to twins. I know it probably sounds like this is some she doesn’t know who the baby daddy is story that should be on Maury, but it’s wilder than that.

The twins have different dads from each other. She got pregnant by both men at the same time, which resulted in them being born as twins but having different dads.

So it technically makes the twins half-siblings even though they’re twins. The chances of that happening are surprisingly higher than you’d think at 2.4% when mothers give birth to twins, and it’s called heteropaternal superfecundation. Her doctor says it happens once in a millionTw times.

It’s believed that there are only 20 other confirmed cases of twins not sharing the same father.

The twin boys are reported to be 16 months old, yet Dr Franco is only now talking publicly about their birth as he’s planning to publish an academic paper on them.

He has been teaching a class on the case to more deeply study the rarity, which occurs when two eggs are fertilised a few hours apart.

As for the babies, they’re happy and healthy, with one of the fathers registering as their dad and supporting the 19-year-old mum.

She told Globo: ‘He takes care of both of them, helps me a lot, and gives them all the necessary support they need.’

The anonymous 19-year-old, from Minerios in Goias, Brazil, took a paternity test to confirm the babies’ father when they reached eight months.

However, checking their DNA against the man she believed was the dad, the mum was confused to learn that results only came back positive for one of the twins.

She began going through past experiences to get to the bottom of things, remembering that she’d previously had sex with two men on the same day around the time the twins were conceived.

When the second man was tested, he was confirmed as the father of the second baby, in a phenomenon known as heteroparental superfecundation.

Really weird situation.

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