Nick Young Says Gilbert Arenas Made Him Dress Up as a Chauffeur and Drive Him Around While Slept With Girls in Backseat of Car – BlackSportsOnline
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Nick Young Says Gilbert Arenas Made Him Dress Up as a Chauffeur and Drive Him Around While Slept With Girls in Backseat of Car

According to Nick Young in an exclusive interview with Vlad, Gilbert Arenas once made him drive him while he messed with girls in the back seat of the car. Sometimes, it’s great to be nasty to release some stress.

This is how it happened;

Nick Young addressed the pranks Gilbert Arenas has played on him over the years, including spraying his car with a fire extinguisher, and Nick also spoke about Gilbert making him to drive him to the strip club dressed as a chauffeur.

Moving along, Nick spoke about his son playing basketball, which led to a conversation about NBA players having sons that have gone on to be in the league. To hear more, including Nick speaking about beating LeBron in the championship.

This isn’t even the wildest Gilbert Arenas has ever done. It might not even be in the top 10.

Music exec Irv Gotti is being called out by fans after recently speaking about his alleged previous romantic relationship with Ashanti.

The Murder Inc. Records co-founder joined N.O.R.E. for an upcoming episode of Drink Champs, where he discussed surprisingly finding out that Ashanti and Nelly were an item. According to Irv Gotti, born Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr., he was in love with his label artist at the time he discovered she became romantically involved with the Country Grammar rap star. However fans point out the 52-year-old producer was seemingly still married at the time of reference.

During the interview promo clip, Gotti began speaking on the “Foolish” singer, stating:

“I can get past you wanting to be with Nelly”.

To which N.O.R.E. laughed and quickly rebutted:

“Sounds like you didn’t get past that, just to be honest”.

Gotti paused before continuing:

“At the time it happens, any man….is hurt. The chick you, f*cking are in love with, is with this n*gga. You wanna know how I found out?”

The famed producer continued, revealing that an NBA game he happened to be watching suddenly pictured Nelly with Ashanti on his arm. He stated:

“Listen to this, it was God wanted me to find out….I was at home. NBA package, I like watching sports. ‘Oh my God what’s this commotion going on in stadium?! We just found out what the commotion is. Nelly has walked in with Ashanti’.”

Arenas recently appeared on VladTV to talk about the claim and says he remembers what happened. Gil apparently thought Irv and Ja Rule were at the game to see him but they were heckling him instead and then overheard that Irv needed him to score a certain amount of points to win a bet and he didn’t get them.

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