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Emily Sturgis Arrested For Walking Out of Two Walmarts With Over $4000 Merchandise

Charlotte County woman named Emily Sturgis has been arrested for attempting to steal thousands in merchandise from multiple Walmarts. She has been charged with grand theft.

NBC2 got details;

A woman from Charlotte County was arrested after attempting to steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from multiple Walmarts in Collier County.

Emily Sturgis, 46, drove from Port Charlotte with a partner to go shopping at Walmart in Collier County, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).

According to the report, the duo first went to a Walmart located at Davis and Collier boulevards. The pair attempted to steal a shopping cart with $2,500 worth of merchandise packed inside of it.

They failed, and Walmart loss prevention sent an alert to other stores in the area, according to CCSO.

Sturgis and her partner, who was not identified in the report, then went to a Walmart on Juliet Boulevard.

CCSO said they then loaded $1,500 worth of items into a shopping cart. Sturgis then pushed the cart out of the store while her partner went to purchase sodas at a register.

CCSO arrested Sturgis because she was in possession of the shopping cart.

“If you come to Collier County to commit crime, we will arrest you,” Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said. “You will be held accountable for your criminal activity.”

A Charlotte County woman found out Sheriff Rambosk means business Monday when CCSO deputies arrested her on a felony charge after she left a big box store with a shopping cart loaded with merchandise without paying.

Detectives said Emily Sturgis, 46, and a companion drove to Collier County from Port Charlotte to go shopping at Walmart. They first went to the Walmart at Davis and Collier boulevards where they unsuccessfully attempted to steal a shopping cart stocked with $2,500 worth of merchandise. Walmart loss prevention then sent out an alert to the other stores in the area.

Sturgis and her companion then went to the Walmart on Juliet Boulevard where they loaded a shopping cart with $1,500 worth of items. Sturgis pushed the shopping cart out of the store without paying for the items, while her companion went to one of the registers and purchased a couple sodas.

Of course this happened in FLORIDA.

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