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Female Cop Named Kimberly Claims People Say She’s Too Hot To Fight Crime

According to this female cop named Kimberly, she’s a hot cop, and people do tell her she is too pretty to fight crime. What has being pretty got to do with fighting crime?

According to the NYP;

A self-proclaimed “hot cop” from Arizona is hitting back at followers who have cast doubt on her occupation by claiming she’s too attractive to actually be an officer.

The TikToker — known only as Kimberly — has shared several viral videos dismissing her doubters and showing off her uniform.

One video, published back in June, has clocked up more than 4 million views and shows the stunner smirking at the camera beneath a comment from a critic that reads: “You’re not a real cop.”

The clip then cuts to Kimberly sitting in her squad car clad in a bulletproof vest and speaking into a police radio.

“People can be with emergency services, and be pretty at the same time,” one defender declared beneath the footage, to which the officer replied: “Pinning your comment!”

Meanwhile, Kimberly shared a second humorous video snapping back at skeptics who say she’s “too hot to be a cop.”

“If being ‘too hot to be a cop’ becomes illegal,” the officer wrote beneath an animation that shows her sitting in the back of a squad car as if she’s under arrest.

While Kimberly keeps the name of her employer off TikTok, she has been working as a sheriff’s deputy for the past year.

A Facebook post from her employer shows that she began her law enforcement career in June 2021 after graduating from Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy.

When asked why she wanted to become a cop, Kimberly is quoted as saying: “I’ve always wanted to be a cop, and I promised my grandpa before he passed away that I would make it happen.”

Thankfully for her legion of TikTok admirers, the beauty is now giving an insight into her career and showing off her uniform.

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