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Food Blogger Aftab Poonawala Inspired By Dexter Killed His Girlfriend Shraddha Walkar And Fed Her to Stray Dogs

We live in a cruel world. Police have arrested Indian Food Blogger named Aftab Poonawala for killing his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar, hacking her body into 35 pieces, storing them in his fridge, and then feeding them to stray dogs.

The Daily Mail got the details;

An Indian food blogger in Delhi strangled his girlfriend to death and chopped her into pieces which he wrapped in plastic and stored in the fridge before feeding them to stray dogs, in an imitation of the TV show Dexter.

Police arrested Aftab Poonawala, 28, on Saturday for killing Shraddha Walkar, 27. He is accused of strangling her after an argument over marriage on May 18.

Poonawala told the police he was inspired by Dexter, a TV show featuring a vigilante serial killer who wraps his victims’ bodies in plastic after murdering them.

‘He followed what the main character did to chop the body and discard it,’ said a source quoted in The Indian Express.

After he hacked her into 35 small parts, he kept the pieces in small black poly bags in a fridge which he bought after the murder almost three weeks, copying the character.

The smell of the carcass in Chattarpur Pahadi, where the couple lived, was masked by air fresheners, agarbattis and incense sticks, which Poonawala bought to try and hide the stench of the rotting corpse.

Across multiple trips, he would wait until 2am to dispose of her body, slowly scattered the chopped-up body parts in the Mehrauli jungle in south Delhi.

Poonawala, who received training as a chef, found many ways to get rid of the body parts, including feeding some pieces to stray dogs.

‘We have been told that he removed the intestines first so that it could decompose easily,’ the source said.

The killer began communicating with Walkar’s friends through her Instagram account, so they would think she was still alive, according to The Times of India.

He then threw her phone away and chucked her clothes into a rubbish van later on, and Googled how to clean blood stains from the floor.

The two had met on a dating app three year before. Poonawala was back on the dating apps while pieces of her body were still in the fridge.

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