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Hottest Firefighter Winner Anike Ekina Goes Viral For Going Topless in Her Gear in Thirst Traps Photos

‘Hottest Firefighter’ winner Anike Ekina has broken the internet with pictures of herself showing her underboob in her firefighting gear.

According to her, she will remain loyal to saving lives.

The New York Post got more;

Anike Ekina — who works for the Schwarzenbek Volunteer Fire Department in Schleswig-Holstein — has just been crowned “Germany’s hottest firefighter.”

Ekina has made people hot under the collar with her searing Instagram snaps, which have surpassed 1.6 million fans on her official account.

Not only does the 36-year-old battle raging infernos for a living, but she can also light up the dance floor with her ability to play the saxophone.

Ekina recently won the Venus award for a sexy saxophone performance at Germany’s No. 1 erotic fair, where she revealed that she plans on taking her talents on tour.

According to the bombshell sax symbol, she already had plans to go on the road with her musical act, however, the COVID-19 pandemic put them on hold.

“I have already recorded a few songs, and I wanted to get started as a saxophonist, but then coronavirus came along,” Ekina, who sports a trendy cropped, platinum-blond hairdo, told Jam Press.

“Now, I am going on tour with my alto saxophone next year,” she added. “At Ibiza parties, in clubs, people can also book me for events. We already have a ton of inquiries.”

Despite being a rising star with club dates set for the coming year, Ekina has vowed, “Of course, I will remain loyal to the fire brigade!”

Meanwhile, several of her Instagram followers wished her luck on her expanding career.

I bet you people are setting their houses on fire just so she can come over. A little brush fire never hurt anymore. She has a body to die for and I am sure that is what her suitors are saying when they drop a cigarette on the carpet.

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