Iren Tranov Says The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Scammed Her Out of $130k Even After She Watched Netflix Doc – BlackSportsOnline
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Iren Tranov Says The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Scammed Her Out of $130k Even After She Watched Netflix Doc

Tinder Swindler Shimon Hayut is in the news again for what we know he does best. According to one Israeli woman named Iren Tranov, she is the latest victim of con artist Shimon’s schemes.

Here are the details via Barstoolsports;

A 25-year-old Israeli woman has come forward as the latest victim of notorious con artist Shimon Hayut, from the much-discussed Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler (2022). Iren Tranov said she watched the documentary, but Hayut convinced her that the allegations against him are all lies. Hayut’s charms eventually cost the woman about 130 thousand US dollars.

Tranov told her story in a television interview last Friday. When Hayut reached out to her, she confronted him about the documentary, but he managed to convince her that he is innocent.

Tranov told her new romance Hayut that she was looking for a new car. He promised to help her find a car for a good price. Posing as a partner of a car import company, he arranged a luxurious BMW at a very attractive price. Hayut had Tranov transfer the amount to his account and instructed the 25-year-old how to get loans from various banks. No sooner said than done. Tranov transferred $130,000 to the scammer. She didn’t get the car right away. He gave her a temporary car, saying he would work on the vehicle she wanted.

I am sure you can guess what happened after she gave him the money.

The vehicle turned out to be impounded and listed under someone else’s name, Channel 13 said. “The vehicle isn’t under my name, and I don’t have the money,” Tranov said.

Tranov said she demanded the money back from Hayut, but he stalled. Eventually, he gave her a cheque for NIS 450,000, but it bounced just a few days later. The check was signed by another woman, alleged to be another victim of Hayut.

Miri Friedman, a lawyer representing the second victim, said the stories were “identical.”

“He met [the second woman] on social media. After six months of dating, he asked her for a check as a deposit. He told her ‘It won’t be cashed don’t worry.’ She gave him the check, and he deposited it in [Tranov’s] account,” Friedman said.

“I thought the problem was that the car wasn’t under my name,” Tranov said. “When I saw the check bounce I realized I was in much bigger trouble.”

Listen, if you watched the documentary and still gave this man $130k you deserve it, and the cops should do nothing to get your money back.

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