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Kanye West Is Reselling Yeezy, Balenciaga, Gap And Adidas Hoodies For Just $20

Do you have some $20 hiding somewhere? Go get it and get yourself either Yeezy, Balenciaga, Gap, and Adidas hoodies because Kanye West is reselling these stuff for just $20.

According to HypeBae;

In a new video shared on Instagram by Threaducation, Kanye West announced that he’ll be selling archive hoodies from Yeezy, Balenciaga, Gap and adidas for just $20 USD. It seems that Ye isn’t content with the idea of his partnering brands (and resale platforms) refusing to sell his old stock, so he’s taken matters into his own hands.

In the video, Ye is seen walking around what looks to be an upcoming sample sale, explaining that ”So what we do here is, I’ve cut up like 100 hoodies. From Yeezy, from Balenciaga, stuff we did with Gap, stuff we did with adidas, and everything we do is gonna cost $20. We need to make sure that everyone can receive the same level of cut, the same level of food, same level of water and the same level of education.”

The rapper went on to say that ”we’re beings with engineering opportunities. We’re getting past the past. We’re focused on the future,” in a seeming reference to the backlash he recently received for his anti-Semitic comments and “White Lives Matter” T-shirt. It appears that Ye’s fashion career is going nowhere fast, as he noted that the clothes were due an update, followed by him stating that ”This is the update, we are the update.”

Ye’s return to social media comes shortly after Elon Musk reversed Twitter’s previous banning rules, welcoming the likes of Ye, Donald Trump and Azealia Banks back to the platform if they so wished.

It’s unclear as to when Ye’s “sample sale” may take place, but we imagine that the rapper will be sharing some updates pretty soon, one way or another.

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