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‘Masculine Woman’ Maren Butler Falls In Love With A ‘Feminine Man’ James Carrington Who Loves Rocking Crop Tops

This is interesting! A ‘masculine woman’ named Maren Butler has fallen deeply in love with a ‘feminine man’ named James Carrington who’s obsessed with wearing crop tops and they seem to be going strong.

The Daily Mail got the juice;

A ‘masculine woman’ and her ‘feminine’ boyfriend have opened up about their ‘unusual heterosexual relationship’, revealing how they deal with cruel comments and stares from strangers who criticize the unique pairing.

Maren Butler, 21, who identifies as a masculine woman, and James Carrington, 23, who considers himself a feminine man, have been together for a year-and-a-half. James, from Durham, North Carolina, loves ‘girly’ things, including stilettos, lash extensions, acrylic nails and crop tops – all accompanied by his self confessed ‘feminine mannerisms’.

Maren, from Central Valley, California, embraces a muscly physique, shops in the men’s section and chooses not to wear makeup.

For both Maren and James, this is their first heterosexual relationship, with the pair revealing they previously both dated the same sex. The couple does not follow any stereotypical gender roles but instead chooses to mix roles as they see fit – Maren likes to open doors for James and he will hold onto her arm when they are walking out in public.

James, an events manager, said: ‘We don’t like to conform to any kind of norms not because we are looking to be different but we just do what feels most natural to us.

‘Maren does most of the cooking – which is stereotypically a female quality – but it’s just because she’s the better chef. ‘Even though I identified as gay before I met Maren, I wasn’t seeking a romantic relationship with men.

‘A long time before I met Maren, I had one boyfriend but we only lasted a couple of months as it didn’t feel right.

‘When I got to know Maren there was the click and that’s how I knew this was special.’

Maren, a student of Philosophy and Public Health at Tulane University, Louisiana, reached out to James on TikTok in February 2021, after finding videos of him online – and found his confidence ‘mesmerizing’. The videos, which she first saw on TikTok, showed James speaking about his experience being a ‘fem-man’.

After chatting for a few weeks they discovered a deep connection and were both strongly s*xually attracted to the other. Soon after, the pair exchanged numbers and began texting and calling every day, discovering that they had lots in common, including their love for R&B music and a similar sense of humor.

Maren knew that she had to meet James in person so after only a month of talking.

In March 2021 she took the 800-mile journey to meet him.

It’s been a journey!

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