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Only Half of Russell Wilson’s Broncos Teammates Went to His Birthday Party

Things aren’t working out in Denver with the Broncos for whatever reason.

The fans aren’t happy with head coach Nathaniel Hackett or Russell Wilson. Then by the looks of things, the players don’t seem too fond of Wilson either.

Additionally, Wilson’s birthday was recent, and his wife Ciara threw him a party, but all his teammates didn’t. It was only about half, according to reports. Mike Klis of reports that it looked like about half the team was there on their day off.

Losing tends to bring out all kinds of rumors in the NFL, especially if you traded for a high-profile quarterback and gave him a $245 million contract. The Denver Broncos are experiencing that rumor mill with Russell Wilson, who experienced a real life Bo Callahan moment recently at his birthday party where “half the team” showed up.

In the movie “Draft Day”, Wisconsin quarterback Bo Callahan was a seemingly can’t miss prospect but fictional Browns GM Sonny Weaver Jr. wanted to do some homework. So he has his guys look around and finds out Callahan’s teammates didn’t show up to his birthday. Now what kind of teammates don’t show up to a quarterback and team captain’s birthday?

It appears something similar happened to Wilson, at least according to his wife Ciara. There’s some ambiguity here, as “about half” of a 53-man roster can range from 20 to 30 people. The Broncos being 3-8 coming off a rough loss to the Panthers doesn’t help Wilson’s cause.

There have been a lot of quotes out of Seattle during the season which suggest Wilson held himself in higher regard than the rest of the locker room. The Seahawks were winning games so it wasn’t exactly a hot topic but the Broncos aren’t. We’ll see if Denver can respond when the Kansas City Chiefs line up against the Broncos in Week 13.

This could be extremely overblown, or his teammates dislike him. It wouldn’t be surprising, considering how his Seahawk teammates have been acting since he was traded from them.

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