SEC Network Peter Burns Publicly Apologizes To Benjamin Watson For Saying Watson’s Wife Hits Him on The Text – BlackSportsOnline
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SEC Network Peter Burns Publicly Apologizes To Benjamin Watson For Saying Watson’s Wife Hits Him on The Text

If you watched college football over the weekend, you probably saw college football analyst Peter Burns make a terrible joke about co-host Benjamin Watson’s wife.

During halftime of the Florida and Vanderbilt game, they were talking about Watson’s clothes, and he said that he was good as long as his wife told him he looked good. Burns then said that isn’t what she texted him. Things then got a little awkward after they came back from the commercial Watson and Burns weren’t on the set, with Watson returning after they were on air.

We almost had a Will Smith-Chris Rock incident on the SEC Network.

Long-time reporter and Ex-Patriots TE Benjamin Watson were talking about each other suits on air, and that is when things got a little weird, according to SI.

It all went down at halftime of the Florida vs. Vanderbilt game. The crew — Burns, Watson, Chris Doeren, and Takeo Spikes — were joking around about the suits they were wearing.

Burns made a comment about Watson’s suit being the only light-colored one on set.

“As long as I get a text from my wife that says I look good,” Watson said. “Send me the text, baby. Send me the text.”

Burns chimed in, saying, “That’s not the text she sent me.”

That’s when it got a little uneasy.

The cameras then moved off the crew, but did catch the reactions on set. Watson was clearly upset by Burns’ joke and Doeren went to a commercial break.

When the program returned, only Doeren and Spikes were visible on set, and Watson returned to his seat shortly afterwards. He didn’t look happy.

Doeren made a reference to Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap, asking Watson if he told Burns to “keep your wife’s name out your mouth.”

Watson responded, “Huh?

Watson is very religious. He stood up for Drew Brees, who supported a religion that many found suspect for some of their beliefs.

Burns has now issued a public apology to Watson and his wife, saying it was a joke, but he crossed the line and you should never joke about someone’s family. He also says they’re good.

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