Shanquella Robinson’s Friends Stole $10k From Her Before Body Slamming Her and Breaking Her Neck in Cabo – BlackSportsOnline
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Shanquella Robinson’s Friends Stole $10k From Her Before Body Slamming Her and Breaking Her Neck in Cabo

There is so much about the Shanquella Robinson story that needs to be investigated.

Was this a setup?

That is what Robinson’s father believes.

Robinson’s travel companions initially said her death was caused by alcohol poisoning, but a homicide investigation was launched after an autopsy found she suffered “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” an instability of the first two neck vertebrae, according to WSOC-TV.

The death certificate did not mention alcohol consumption as a factor in Robinson’s death, and a horrifying video that had been making the rounds on social media showed her being beaten inside the hotel room.

Her father Bernard Robinson told TMZ Saturday he believed the attack was a setup, because his daughter was not one to get involved in fights.

“They attacked her, man. This ain’t like some … my daughter was asleep man. For all them to be in that room and then, you know, they come in there like no she woke up or whatever, the way it seems like they attacked her, man,” an emotional Robinson told the outlet.

“And she naked man. You know, for a father… to see that video man, you know, cause my daughter’s not a fighter man, she’s not a fighter, not at all,” the grieving father said, speculating that his daughter was killed in a premeditated attack.

Others said Robinson was robbed of over $10k before she was attacked.

Shanquella Robinson’s story is sad enough, without any further reports. However, her family is seeking all of the details, in order to serve justice. As a result, they continue to press this case, despite how painful it is. One of Robinson’s friends, who did not join her on the Cabo trip, took to Facebook with even more information. According to this young woman, Robinson was also robbed of $10,000 by the people she trusted. In addition, this young lady says that Robinson is the one who paid for the AirBnB, where they were residing.

There is allegedly also a second video showing Robinson being choked slammed and her neck broken.

Flip the page for the disturbing videos we do have.

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