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Yung Miami Dumps Diddy After He Slashed Her Monthly Allowance From $500k to $200k

It’s rumored that Yung Miami has broken up with Diddy after he cut her monthly upkeep money to just $200K. Diddy was obviously tired of paying too much money to keep Miami in his bed and had to slash it to what she deserved.

MTO News got more;

The relationship between female rapper Yung Miami and Diddy is officially over, Media Take Out has learned. According to a person close to Diddy the couple split, after Diddy decided to reduce the monthly allowance he’s been paying Careesha … from $500K a month to just $200k.

Sean “Diddy”Combs, a billionaire, began dating Yung Miami last year – and he’s been lavishing her with gifts ever since. Our insider explained, “[Diddy] gave Yung Miami a credit card with a $500,000 per month limit. And she used every cent of it.”

But according to our insider, Diddy recently decided to downgrade his bae – and limit her spending to just $200,000 a month – and that reportedly caused trouble in their relationship.

The insider continued, “It’s not like he cut her off completely, he just cut back a little.”

But Yung Miami doesn’t seem happy with getting any LESS than what she has grown accustomed to.

Media Take Out has learned that Yung Miami and Diddy are now on the outs. And the Florida former City Girl is deleting pictures of Diddy’s birthday off her IG page, and she’s appearing to throw shots at him on her Live.

She’s also no longer following Diddy.

Imagine blowing a $200k bag because you are being petty. It is obvious that Diddy didn’t expect her to spend all $500k in a month. I know when his accountant got that bill, he had to shoot Diddy an email to tell him that while he is a billionaire it still isn’t wise to have someone you aren’t married to spend a half million a month.

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