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Amy Robach To Return To GMA While Co-Host TJ Holmes Will Stay Suspended For Having Multiple Office Affairs

Amy Robach will return to Good Morning America but not her cheating lover and co-anchor T.J. Holmes. According to reports, Holmes will still be on suspension while Amy returns.

T.J. Holmes is a distraction to the women at Good Morning America, and management wants to keep him off the screens for a while. MTO News got more;

We just got some really CRAZY news, from a person who works at Good Morning America. According to Media Take Out’s insider, Amy Robach is set to return to Good Morning America, as early as next week.

But her co-star and lover, married anchor TJ Holmes, will remain suspended indefinitely. And there’s word that the anchor may NEVER return to his anchor chair again, Media Take Out is hearing.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, co-hosts of ABC News’ “GMA 3,” were taken off the air following the public disclosure of a romantic relationship between the two, network President Kim Godwin announced to staffers on Monday morning, according to multiple media outlets.

“I’m going to talk about something that has become an internal and an external distraction: The relationship between two of our colleagues,” Godwin said. “And so, I want to say that while that relationship is not a violation of company policy, I have really taken the last few days to think about and work through what I think is best for the ABC News organization. And so, for now, I am going to take Amy and TJ off the air, while we figure this out.”

Godwin added such decisions “are not easy, they’re not knee jerk, but they are necessary for the brand.” She also asked staff to “stop the whispering in the hallways” about the matter.

Amy is accused of carrying on an affair, behind her husband’s back. Amy’s reps deny any wrongdoing, however and suggest that she was “separated” from her husband when she began dating TJ Holmes – her co-anchor.

Amy’s reps further allege that her relationship with TJ was not “inappropriate”, as they held similar positions within the company.

TJ’s situation is much murkier. While TJ claims that he was “separated” from his wife, when he began the relationship – his wife’s friends call CAP on his story. One of his wife’s friends recently told the NY Post that the TJ and Marilee were together, when he began his relationship with Amy.

And there’s more. TJ is also accused of carrying on a second affair, with a person subordinate to him – a married female producer named Natasha Singh – who is married to movie producer Garrett Braren, 43, whose credits include Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

The insider told Media Take Out, “TJ is in hot water, not just because of his relationship with Amy, but also because he was caught with a producer also.”

Robach can’t say she did anything wrong because even if she was separated from her husband she knew Holmes was still married and cheated on his wife in the past with her friends.

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